Min-aluminium solutions are used by shipbuilders to produce light and fast vessels capable of resisting the corrosive effects of seawater. This is achieved by a combination of highly specialized alloys, dedicated surface treatments, cutting-edge production processes, and well-honed manufacturing skills.

  Large Extrusions

Min-aluminum has developed innovative solutions for the manufacturing of welded structures in large extruded profiles. Large extrusions reduce the amount of welding work required by up to 50%, and lower the extent of welding-related problems such as distortion resulting rectification work. In addition, the heat-affected zones are significantly reduced.

Our expertise and these close technical partnerships deliver significant benefits for our customers:

  •  Flexibility of design and function
  •  Low weight combined with high strength
  •  Easy machining
  •  High corrosion resistance
  •  Less welding required
  •  Workshop-friendly products (light, clean, less need for complicated machinery)

We also provide dedicated surface treatments, highly specialized alloys, cutting-edge production processes, and well-honed manufacturing skills.



In addition to extrusions, we also offer a variety of plates. Our plates are used in yachts, tankers for liquefied natural gas, ferries, oil rig work boats and many more vessels. We also provide checkered plates for marine ramps. These are light yet hardwearing and strong.


  Special Alloys

We have created an alloy that is considerably stronger than other alloys commonly used in shipbuilding. It provides major weight savings for designers and operators of fast ferries, Coast Guard launches and yachts, where high performance is required. Easy to weld, flexible and simple to shape and bend, it provides assembly advantages. It also delivers high protection against corrosion and impact resistance.