Defense Key Products


  Military aircraft alloys

Min-aluminum is able to provide advanced alloys and solutions for almost every defense application. This capacity reflects our commitment to research and development, our strategy of collaborative customer partnerships for innovation.

For military aircraft, we supply advanced alloys to provide the best materials solution for each individual aircraft component. Such alloys include our proprietary alloy 7050, available in plates and extrusions, as well as our new 7140 plate, which offers greater strength, lower density and maintenance, and improved corrosion resistance for many applications.


  Armor alloys

Min-aluminum’s armor alloys provides the most complete protection available on the market while enabling armored vehicles to keep a maximum mobility. Our alloys can keep against blast threats while maintaining vehicle mobility. Specifically developed for underbellies of armored vehicles, they have been demonstrated by real-scale blast testing to compare its protection level to conventional alloys.

Min-aluminum endeavours to further develop the solutions range by offering a complete range of 2xxx, 5xxx and 7xxx series solutions with ultimate performances.