Customized Profiles For Automotive



Min-aluminum supplies original equipment manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry with a large portfolio of extruded aluminium profiles, tubes and bars in a large range of soft and hard alloys tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. Our customized material solutions include highly specialized alloys for better recycling, offering improved machinability.


  The customized profiles in automotive system

Our engineers have proven that lightweight materials can yield excellent results in many subassemblies, from vehicle structures to chassis systems and power trains. Min-aluminum provides customized profiles, tubes and bars that can be used for major automotive systems.

  • Body: customized profiles, tubes and bar for crash management systems, structural body applications, and all types of reinforcements, including side impact beams
  • Interior: customized profiles, tubes and bars for cockpit carriers and air conditioning components, and tubes for liquid transfer
  • Chassis, brakes and suspension: customized profiles, tubes and bars for motor housings; parts, valves and casings for ABS/ESP and automotive forging stock for suspensions
  • Engine compartment: customized profiles, tubes and bars for shock absorbers, anti-vibration systems, and tubes for medium transport such as charge air pipes

  Aluminum’s advantages for automotive industry

  • Thin-walled components manufactured from specialized extrusions offer excellent controlled energy absorption and weldability.
  • Bumper systems and side-impact beams show exceptional energy absorption capabilities.
  • Instrument panel supports with specific stiffness offer excellent impact performance and high corrosion resistance.
  • Chassis and suspension parts ensure lightweight solutions and excellent mechanical performance.