Economic development and environmental concerns are leading to a huge global expansion and modernization of rail networks and rolling stock.


Our lightweight aluminum solutions give train manufacturers a competitive advantage for producing light and energy-efficient railcars. This enables railcar manufacturers to supply their customers with vehicle solutions capable of fulfilling customers’ specific needs, providing sustainable and cost-effective trains for passenger and freight wagons.


  Semi-products for rail

  • Rolled products: We design and supply all types and dimensions of aluminum sheets and plates. For structural sections, we provide wide and heavy gauge plates.
  •  Extrusions: We design and supply structural extrusions produced on large-extrusion presses with a capacity of up to 150 thousand tons.
  • Composites: Customized composite panels combine the benefits of low weight, excellent thermo acoustical insulation and high rigidity. Typical applications are ceiling linings, side ceiling covers, floor panels and partition walls, all with foam or honeycomb cores. With excellent technical properties, numerous options for surface design, ease of handling and good workability, composite panels enable customers to develop complex, modular systems for every imaginable application.


Aluminum casting has been successfully used for decades in power train applications. These include engine boxes and structural parts, such as support beams and bogies. Our plant specializes in precision casting – the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective way of shaping aluminum. The plant’s experience in precisions and castings imposes virtually no limitations on the dimensions or complexity of the components being cast.

Our engineers collaborate with customers on design and development to provide tailor-made solutions to suit specific needs. For example, we work with customers to create three-dimensional machined and casting models for stress and crash finite element analysis, pouring and chilling simulation, and rapid prototyping on a global basis.

  Rail components

We design and supply components based on extrusions, sheets plates and composite panels. Our customers enjoy the benefits of just-in-time, finished, ready-to-mount and welded solutions with all necessary cut-outs, fixations for seats and surface treatments, greatly reducing production time. All components meet the highest standards in terms of quality, weight savings and design.


Min-aluminum works closely with a dedicated network of specialized sub‑suppliers to deliver welded, machined, assembled and painted sub-assemblies, such as structural floors, side walls, end walls and body bolsters for all types of rail vehicles.


For transporting passengers, bulk liquids or powders, railcar manufacturers turn to Min-aluminum for aluminium materials and solutions that combine lightness, strength, durability and ease of manufacturing.