Aluminum In Electronics


Aluminum products are used in a number of consumer electronics and electronic appliances for mechanical and electrical purposes. They also fulfill thermotechnical functions. Min-aluminum has the ability to produce a variety of different shapes and dimensions tailored to specific customer needs.

Cause of aluminum alloy’s intrinsic characteristics, aluminum alloys are used wildly.


For example,  affored the surperior durability, good strength, superior anodizing & finishing quality and dood mechanical performance by the aluminum alloy, the aluminum alloy is ideal for consumer electronics like mobile phones, laptop, and televisions.


Aluminum alloy has superb processability and electrical conductivity, and it is excellent for heat radiating materials. Min-aluminum is capable of providing the industries with various profiles, which is suitable for large-power substation device, stabilize voltage supply, communication power supply, clean power supply, radio and television transmission device and inverter, and so on.