Aluminum Sheet for Equipment Parts



In Min-aluminum, we are working to meet customer satisfaction in the increasing push towards safety, efficiency, lightweighting and durability. We are supporting customers in their continuous efforts to reduce the weight of their products.


By expanding upon the advantages of aluminum, we can supply our customers a full range of finished products  or semi-finished products for their automotive equipments. Customers may benefit from an efficient and reliable delivery service from us.


Building on aluminium’s natural advantages, we have devised automobile equipment parts that stand out for their design, lightness, forming optimization and safety standards. We supply parts that include:

  • seat components
  • chassis and suspension parts
  • dashboard reinforcements;
  • door trimmings
  • pedal mountings
  • tank components Powertrain
  • safety systems
  • interior/exterior systems


Our factory produces rolled aluminium products of the highest quality to meet specific technical challenges in terms of alloy selection, fabrication procedure, surface quality, and forming behavior. We deeply understand of manufacturing applications.