Renewable and Solar



Solar energy is one of the most important energy sources for the future. Both light and heat from the sun can be harnessed and collected directly as heat or converted into electrical power. Our solutions are applied in the solar thermal and photovoltaic fields. We offer a portfolio of semi-products in sheet and extrusions and customized solutions, devised in conjunction with customers with technical support tailored to their specific needs.


Our contributions in this area help customers, consumers and society as a whole reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on scarce, imported and damaging fuels. We set new trends for the design and creation of future-oriented technologies and products.


Our products have applications in solar energy collection. For manufacturers of solar applications, we provide both lightweight extrusions for solar panel frames and sub-frames and aluminum sheet  with exceptional surface quality for optimal energy absorption and brilliance of solar mirrors.


The cleanliness of solar mirrors has an important impact on its energy conversion efficiency, and our state‑of-the-art solution significantly reduces the amount of water needed to clean them.