Sports and Leisure


Lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant under all weather conditions, Min-aluminum’s extruded profiles, tubes and bars are ideal for use in sports and leisure equipment. Our range of customized coils and sheet products are also integrated across a whole host of applications in the sports and leisure industry.

Aluminum’s inherent lightness, strength and durability make it an ideal material solution for a variety of sports and leisure areas. It is the material of choice for:

Our plants produce the excellent quality and exact mechanical properties needed to ensure that sports and leisure products are reliable, durable and, above all, safe.

At Min-aluminum, we respect the tight quality controls required for high-security applications which are subjected to extreme weather conditions. We also meet precise dimensional specifications for exact fit.

To ensure the reliability of our semi-products, we implement stringent quality control. We have years of experience and extensive process knowledge, which enable us to ensure a high degree of process control and consistency.