Foil Packaging



Aluminum has good ductility and strength properties, it can be rolled into various thickness as sheet or foil. Aluminum sheet can be stamped, rolled, drew, welded in different shapes and sizes. The foil is capable to composite with plastic. Cause of all these advantages, aluminum is playing as an importnt role in comprehensive protecting performance by various forms.


Aluminum foil can be applied in a variety of ways due to its versatility, for example:

1. Flexible food packaging for a variety of consumer goods including coffee, chocolate, butter, fruit compotes and sugar.

2. Rigid food packaging for containers.

3. Pharmaceuticals, where packaging requires the most effective product preservation properties. Pharmaceutical packaging must meet the highest hygiene standards while simultaneously offering great design potential. Easily sealed and formatted, aluminum foil satisfies these stringent requirements.


We partner with our customers to support them in differentiating their products for a diverse consumer market. Both of our manufacturing plants produce  hot- and cold-rolled aluminum coils available in various alloys. Thickness and width is determined by customer specifications. Our plants provide a global offer, thanks to optimized supply chain performance.


Particularly attentive to performance in impermeability, mechanical integrity, and surface finish, our customers use our foil stock material to produce thin foil for packaging and industrial products. Uses include aseptic foil for beverage packages, bottleneck wrappers, yogurt lids, pharmaceutical blisters, containers, insulations and cable wrap.