Commercial Aircraft



Our goal is to work with designers, assemblers and suppliers in the commercial aircraft industry to help deliver aircraft that are even lighter, more efficient, affordable and reliable.


  Our leadership in aerospace

Innovative aluminum technology to create greener and lighter aircraft. Thanks to the lightness, strength and corrosion resistance, aluminum is the a material of choice to meet the key challenge facing the aerospace today. 

We offer a comprehensive package of high-performance alloys and technologies. We build upon the reliability of proven aluminum-based solutions to create lighter,more efficient and greener aircraft.


We help designers understand the potential of innovative alloys and manufacturing techniques, and offer technology options for using aluminum materials on wing skins and in structural components or molded products.


Min-aluminum is a global player in the aerospace industry with a full range of customized aluminum products and advanced material solutions, serving commercial, space and defense markets. Lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant, aluminum is used to make structural components of all kinds. Our products can be found in wings, fuselages, stabilizers, landing gear, hydraulic systems, doors, control rods, engines and their casings, and even electrical circuits.


  Aluminum alloys products and solutions

Min-aluminum has developed a wide range of value-added aluminum products and solutions best suited to feature in all parts of the aircraft primary structure such as nose, wings, fuselage and tail.


Min-aluminum is committed to advancing the way aluminum products and solutions are used in the aerospace industry. Consisting in a rich portfolio of active patents, our offering of high-performance aerospace alloys provides stronger lighter materials for commercial aircraft designers, manufacturers and component suppliers.


  Specially developed alloys

Developed jointly between our customers, Min’s engineers and operational and sales teams, we try to develop new materials to meet challenging engineering requirements, such as combining aluminum, copper, silver and lithium, that features a much lower density, a higher stiffness and a better damage tolerance. When combined to advance welding and redesign of aircraft aero structure, it is the most advanced solutions and  delivers up to 25% weight reduction.


Our aluminum products are available in four main forms: