Capability At a Glance

    Aluminum  Electrolysis  Line

Min Aluminum is the sole enterprise now owning complete industrial chain of aluminum electrolysis and extrusion in one district.

All the primary aluminum with good quality would be used in production of aluminum profiles.

  • Name of Facility : Pre-baked Anode Electrolytic Cell
  • Facility Power : 240KA
  • Advantages :  high capacity,  high efficiency,  low consumption,  low pollution etc.
  • Annual Capacity : 250 thousand tons of aluminum electrolysis

    Aluminum  Casting  Line

Adopting advanced internal-led hydraulic and airslip lubricated casting technology from USA, Min Aluminum has been engaged in aluminum smelting and casting for long term.

Min Aluminum is the largest aluminum profiles manufacturer producing aluminum billets by liquid aluminum directly in China. The industrial chain of aluminum electrolysis and profiles has remarkable effect of energy saving and emission reduction

  • Annual capacity:  250 thousand tons of  aluminum billets
  • Alloy kinds : Covering  from 1***  to  7***  alloy series.
  • Max diameter of billet : ∮381mm.

  Aluminum  Extrusion  Lines

Min Aluminum has been engaged in aluminum extrusion production for about 30 years. Min Aluminum imported the first press line from Italy marked DANIELI brand since 1983.

  • Extrusion Lines Q’ty : 56 lines
  • Main Facility Models :   16MN / 27MN / 38MN / 55MN and so on.
  • Facility Place of Origin :  Germany, Italy and America
  • Annual capacity:  250 thousand tons
  • Production type : precision tubes, bars, rods and profiles for different applications

Min Aluminum is adopting advanced technical processes on extrusion such as gradient heating of billets and isothermal extrusion of profiles and equipped with quenching devices of water, frog and wind at exit, the productive process could be controlled well and all various of tubes, rods, flat bars and profiles applied in many fields with high precise. The annual capacity reaches 150 thousand tons

  Surface  Treatment  Lines

Surface Finishing Types :

  • Anodized
  • Electrophoresis coating
  • Colorful electrophoresis
  • Powder coating
  • PVDF coating
  • Thermal break of barrier strip
  • Thermal break of  pouring
  • Wood-like transfer printing etc.

Finishing Line Q’ty :  24  lines

Annual Capacity : Over 200 thousand tons

Facility Brands and Place of Origin :

  • Brand   AUTEL of Italy
  • Brand   ALMEX of Japan
  • Brand   ALTEC of Italy
  • Brand   RANSBURG of Japan
  • Brand   FOM and DECORAL of Italy ( thermal break lines and wood like transfer printing )

The main raw materials of electrophoresis paint, PVDF paint, powder, barrier strip and polyurethane glue etc. are all with international famous brand covering KANSAI, PPG, AKZO, TECHNOFORM and AZON.

  Aluminum  Sheet & Strip  Lines

Min Aluminum has formed complete industry chain of aluminum sheet & strip  including aluminum casting / aluminum sheet & strip / colorful coated aluminum sheet.

Production Line Q’ty:

  • Rolled Casting Line :  6 lines
  • Cold Rolled Line : 2 lines ( high-precision )
  • Rolling Painting Line : 1 line
  • Coating Line : 3 lines
  • Fabrication Line : All series of NC metal fabrication lines
  • Other Lines : Recoiling Dividing, Slitting, Transverse Cutting, Tension-Leveling, CNC Rollers Grinder


Production Specifications:

  • Max Width : 1850 mm
  • Max Thickness : 5~8 mm
  • Max Roll Weight : 11 tons


Annual Capacity :

  • Rolled Casting Strips :  60 thousand tons
  • Cold Rolled Sheets & Coils : 80 thousand tons
  • Rolling Painting Strips : 15 thousand tons
  • Fabrications : 500 thousand square meters
  • Coating : 2000 thousand sqare meters

The products of company could be applied to many fields, such as packaging, printing, electron, mechanism, electrical appliance, couumnication and architectural decoration etc.


Products include aluminum cast-rolling strips, curtain wall panel, universal panel, high precision aluminum plate and strip (plates, foils).

Products Applications:

  • Packaging
  • Printing
  • Electro
  • Mechanism
  • Electrial appliance
  • Communication
  • Architectural Decoration

  Dies  Making  Center

The dies center of Min Aluminum was found in 1983 that has accomulated much extrusion dies fabrication experience more than 30 years, it has strong ability of research, design, fabrication and repair dies.  

Production Line Q’ty:

  • CNC : 6 ea
  • NC Milling : 5 ea
  • Forming : 7 ea NC  DEM
  • Wire Cutting : 9 ea NC EDM

 These machines are from USA, Japan and Korea etc., and use 3D measurement instruments with high precise by NC improvement to realize complete NC fabrication of dies.

 The annual capacity of dies fabrication can be more than 20 thousand sets( pieces) via optimizing dies design by simulated software of extrusion, the maximum outer diameter of processed die can reach ∮800 mm.

  Further  Machining

Min Aluminum is covering about 20 thousand square meters of comprehensive workshops for modern precise fabrication of aluminum products.

We are owning all types of production equipments for further processing, such as cutting, punching, milling, drilling and lathing etc. Our capability of design and fabrication reaches to 6000 tons.

During the past ten years, Min Aluminum was specially engaged in aluminum further fabrication, researches, production and sales relating to  solar frames & brackets and solar PV module products.

Min Aluminum could provide finished or semi-finished aluminum products to some industries covering

  • solar PV
  • body of traffic vehicles
  • mechanism
  • electricity
  • electronic communication
  • many down stream cosumption fields.


Main Products:

  • microwave heat sink
  • bumper of automobile
  • aluminum circle plate
  • punching pieces of irregular slab
  • shelf of integrated cabinet
  • aluminum components of solar series etc.

  Aluminum Window&Door / Curtain Wall Lines

Min Aluminum could take design and construction for high-grade decoration of inner and outer room in all types of buildings.

We develop new products and new technology owning specialization team with rich experience of building decoration and construction.

We have the capability of completion with good quality in high speed for decoration projects of large buildings.

Annual Machining Capacity :

  • Curtain Wall : 200 thousand square meters
  • Door and Windows :  300 thousand squrare meters
  • Al – Wood Composite Window : 120 thousand square meters




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