Min-aluminum’s extensive knowledge of the building and construction sector helps us to deliver the most technologically advanced solutions for our customers.

Aluminum offers excellent mechanical properties, durability, corrosion and weather resistance, and undeniable aesthetic appeal. Used to construct thermal breaks for windows and doors, to optimize energy efficiency through insulation, it also provides sustainability benefits. All these qualities, combined with high recyclability make aluminium an ideal material choice for contemporary architecture.

We provide a wide range of premium semi-products and services specially developed to meet aesthetic requirements and technical challenges for applications such as:  facades and interiors, roof construction, cladding, doors and windows, ceiling systems, composite applications, high-quality light fittings, solar technologies.

Our product range includes aluminium coils and sheets with plain or treated surfaces, anodized or anodizing-quality sheets and coils through our premium product line, and technical paint stock.

Our extrusions business unit offers a wide range of products and services to customers in the building and construction sector. These include soft alloyed extrusions, tubes and bars further enhanced by surface treatment (clear and color) and thermal breaks. In addition, we provide solutions for machining, bending and cutting to length as well as for marking, shrink‑wrapping and tracking.

Aluminum Sheets

Profiles, Bars and Tubes

Solar Energy