Commercial Vehicles



The lightweighting advantages of Min-aluminium’s solutions are critically important in commercial road vehicles due to the size of the construction and the added weight of cargo.

Every kilo saved in the structure of a commercial vehicle increases its freight capacity and its profitability. However, as these vehicles are subjected to more extreme wear and tear, they have to be particularly robust, crashworthy, and corrosion-resistant.


  Aluminum extruded profiles

We design and supply aluminum solutions and applications based on extruded profiles such as tippers and chassis units, curtain siders, rear door frames, trailer front-ends, side walls, and under-run side and rear protections.

  Aluminum sheets

The various aluminium processes that we have designed and perfected over years of working in the industry facilitate the creation of optimal parts that are strong, stiff, formable, durable and corrosion-resistant.


   Tread plates

Our alloy offers excellent mechanical properties for the floors and sides of tipper vehicles used to transport bulk products, from grain to building rubble. At just one-third the weight of steel, it affords freight operators an increased payload and cost savings when the vehicle is traveling empty.

Tighter safety regulations and a demand for lighter liquid transport vehicles make oura highly sought-after alloy. It combines high levels of formability with a capacity to withstand impact, enabling vehicles to comply with all the latest safety regulations.

For the floors of commercial vehicles and refrigerated trucks, our tread plates combine lightness with resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Our tread plates also enable vehicle manufacturers to minimize noise during loading and unloading of goods, thus adhering to the most stringent regulations.

We have also developed a range of semi-finished products for equipment parts in vehicles such as truck tanks.