For Min-aluminum, space is the ultimate high-tech market. In this technological frontier zone, we are trying  to develop groundbreaking materials makes us a natural partner for pioneering projects.


  The final frontier for aluminum materials

Our aluminum advanced products have been traveling beyond the stratosphere for more than three decades. Through long-standing partnerships with builders of launchers and space vehicles, we have demonstrated our capacity to deliver the very highest quality materials solutions and services.

The design and construction of space launchers and vehicles present great materials challenges for scientists and engineers. All materials must be strong, lightweight, resistant to fatigue and corrosion, and able to withstand great temperature variations.

Futhermore, they often need to be formed into unusual shapes or joined to different materials, which necessitates new technology solutions. Min-aluminum’s advanced aluminum products meet these requirements, making them the material of choice for space manufacturers and bringing strength and weight savings to many space applications.


   Innovative material

The space industry needs materials that are light and strong, resistant to fatigue and that can withstand intense vibration and temperature extremes. Min-aluminum provides advantages including proven reliability and better safety for space missions.

Min-aluminum’s advanced technology, which features a much lower density, higher stiffness and a better damage tolerance, was developed with these requirements in mind. It was chosen as key structural material by our customers. Recognizing our product innovation in the field, industry players have responded by selecting our new alloys as key structural materials.

In this emerging market, our background with the space industry, along with our proven expertise and solutions, technology capability, partnership philosophy and business agility, makes us a partner of choice.