Packaging applications, such as metallic bottle caps and lustrous cosmetic containers, are expected to be creative and elegant, enhancing product appeal by indicating a degree of exclusivity. Min-aluminum’s coils and sheets with high-grade surface qualities and finishing properties are essential for cosmetics packaging to attain the degree of polish companies desire.


Aluminum possesses excellent comprehensive protection performance, such as low water vapor transmission rate, completely opaque,  prevention harmful effects from ultraviolet rays. Meanwhile, due to aluminum’s gas barrier and moisture resistance properties, aluminum is used widely in food and cosmetic fields.


The international cosmetics market continues to grow in the world’s most mature markets as companies discover new needs and create new products. This trend can also be observed in countries recently converted to a market economy, where consumers are eager to choose from a wider and more diverse array of cosmetic products than was previously available.


Decades of experience and close collaboration with leading companies enable us to meet even the most challenging customer requirements. Min-aluminum is able to adapt our products to customers’ forming and deep-drawing processes.