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Aluminum Windows & Doors


◊ Brief Introduction Of Aluminum Window And Door

Doors and windows are an important part of a building, and with the functions of enclosure, lighting, ventilation and, sound insulation,they represent the architect’s last touch of a perfect work.

Currently, Min-aluminum owns 3 major series, 25 varieties of doors and windows,including double-layer doors and windows, and ventilation windows etc., which represent the new achievements of our country’s doors and windows technology. Min-aluminum currently has any patent on building doors and windows.


◊ Functional Features

● Superior performance, the performance indicators of airtightness,water-tightness and so on have gone beyond the advanced international standard;

● Integrated applications of sun-shading, decoration (grilles),ventilation among other functions;

● Diversity and individuality of products, as well as the coordinated designs with different buildings;

● Application of many patented technologies and new energy-saving technologies with significant energy-saving effects;

● Procurement, design, production and installation are programmatic, and quality control system is scientific and strict.