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Aluminum Clad Wood Windows And Doors Series

 Features Of Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors Series

Multi-channel sealing technology to effectively improve the thermal insulation of windows and doors, air tightness.

Advanced sealing strip welding technology effectively solve the traditional doors and windows leak, water and other issues.

Europe’s most advanced hidden rear ventilation and drainage technology for maximum ventilation, extreme pressure chamber water drainage.

The world’s top water-based paint, so that the indoor air is more secure, environmentally friendly and fresh.



Airtight performance: Unit value index seam length grading q1≤0.5m3 / (m · h), or unit area classification index value q2≤1.5m3 / (m2 · h) 8 grade

Watertight performance: 500≤ △ P <700Pa 5 grade

Water insulation properties: 0.8≤K≤2.0 W / (m2 · K) up to 10, can fully meet the highest requirements of domestic energy

Sound insulation performance: 35≤Rw + Ctr <40 dB, 4 grade

Wind pressure: 4.5≤P3 <5.0 Kpa, 8 grade