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PWTC66 Series Outer Casement (Hanging) Window

 Introduction Of PWTC66 Series Outer Casement Window 

PWTC66 series of energy-flush (suspension) is our window systems in the light of the European advanced technology and design concepts,  based on doors and windows for the Chinese market demand and the development of energy-saving high-grade outer casement window system, mainly for multi-storey buildings. It does not account for the indoor space, the open does not affect the beauty of the room and excellent physical properties, etc. by the majority of user acceptance.

The system can be made separately outer casement windows and overhanging two forms, can better meet the needs of different functions. Usually the outer casement window for a variety of indoor function room, hanging outside the window for public places and toilets and other locations.

The system has a cross-sectional structure of scientific and rational, standardized supporting hardware accessories, mature and standardized processing and construction technology, can guarantee a good quality and the performance of the product.

 Product Features

1. Insulation properties: insulating glass as standard configuration (6 + 12A + 6Low-E), the overall thermal performance of up to six, namely 2.5> K≥2.0W / (m2 K), In accordance with demand by adjusting the configuration of up to 6 level and above.

2. Wind pressure: rigid design to meet different load requirements. Wind pressure resistance up to nine (P≥5.0KPa).

3. Watertight performance: set a reasonable drain water channel, combining guidance. Watertight performance of up to level 5 (500≤ △ P <700Pa).

4. Airtight performance: reasonable structure design and quality materials to ensure the sealing integrity of the seal, airtight performance of up to seven (unit of slot length grading index value 1.0≥q1> 0.5 m3 / (m h), or unit? area classification index value 3.0≥q2> 1.5m3 / (m h)).

5. Insulation performance: up to grade 3 (30≤Rw + Ctr <35dB).

6. Hardware accessories: standard European standard hardware slot, supporting with many brands of hardware.

7. Profiles: profiles of all the main force bar design wall thickness of 1.8mm.