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Composite Wood Clad Aluminum Windows And Doors

 Features Of Composite Wood Clad Aluminum Windows And Doors

The latest dovetail groove snap connection, reducing the damage to the doors and windows of both the internal stress caused.

Timber thickness of 75mm, styling and meticulous, perfect structure, the inside of the timber, durable, easy to change the outside of insulated aluminum.

Between the glass and the wood frame with good elasticity and high-weather strip seal, greatly improving the doors and windows airtight and watertight.

High-density connectors drainage board design, protective frame while making the system more fluid drainage. External insulated aluminum effectively protect the wood, avoiding the wood corrosive problems.



Tightness: long seam rating Value Unit q≤0.5m3 / (m • h), or unit area classification index value q ≤1.5m3 / (m2 • h) 8 grade

Watertight performance: 500≤ △ P Insulation properties: 1.8≤K≤2.0 W / (m2 • K) 7 grade

Sound insulation performance: 35≤Rw + Ctr Wind pressure: 4.5≤P3