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Sheets and Coils

Sheets  and  Coils

Working closely with customers, Min-aluminum offers premium, semi-finished aluminum rolled products in a range of aluminum alloys, tempers and surface finishes.


◊  Functional and aesthetic aluminum solutions

For a varied customer base around the world, we produce and develop customized aluminum sheet and coil solutions including:

  • packaging application: food and beverage, closures, foil packaging, cosmetics packaging;
  • automotive application :body-in-white, heat exchangers, as well as equipment, chassis and other sheets;
  • building application : outdoor and indoor working environments including facades, lighting, ceiling, kitchen fixtures;
  • industry application : electrical cases, ladders and scaffolding, antennae, orthopedic equipment,  telescoping handles.

Products are available in a variety of tempers, including hardening, heat, or other developed processes. Customers also have the option of bright, textured, brushed, anodized and mill finish and various surface treatments. 

The result is a combination of the aluminum aesthetic and its intrinsic functional qualities.


◊  Tailored to customers

Adding value to its sheet and coil offers, Min-aluminum provides customers with technical support and the benefit of its unique R&D capabilities, including cooperation and development programs.

This partnership approach to R&D has led to the development of several lightweight, innovative and sustainable products, using unique proprietary technologies and processes.