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Building Applications



Min-aluminum products are being used to design and construct state‑of‑the‑art, energy‑efficient buildings.

Considering of increasing the air tightness of buildings and thereby reducing heat losses, aluminum products are ideal, as they are not porous and their mechanical stability secures the highest performance throughout the years. 


  Building on aluminum’s potential

Min-aluminum offers a premium range of aluminum products customized to the needs of builders and architects in terms of aesthetics and environmental and technical requirements for interior and exterior applications:

Customers have the option of bright, textured , anodized and mill finishes and various surface treatments. Our products are decorative, durable and corrosion-resistant. They offer excellent insulating properties and formability and have a good strength-weight ratio.


At a time when sustainability is of primary concern, we work to ensure our aluminum solutions support renewable energy and low-consumption housing, leaving minimal environmental impact.

  Interior aluminum products

Min-aluminum’s products, with matte or shiny finishes, can be used indoors for lighting, ceilings and kitchens or for visual appeal alone.

Products in our range have a high-quality finish for interior decoration. As well as excellent formability and mechanical characteristics, our interior products offer:

  Exterior aluminum products

For outdoor environments, building exteriors, and lighting and solar installations, Min-aluminum has developed a range of attractive products with features that include:

  Technical paint stock and foil stock

Min-aluminum is a leading supplier for technical paint stock in the building and construction industry.

Meeting the highest requirements for surface and mechanical properties, our paint stock products can be used for display signs and advertising, covering systems, and wall cladding, such as exterior and interior wall panels addressing ambitious projects with elegant finishes.

Aluminum foil is used in the building sector for insulation products (including cables and roofs), soundproofing and lagging materials, and capacitor foil.