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Automotive Applications



Through material light weighting, Min-aluminum is using aluminum to help the automotive industry address today’s environmental challenges.


  Lightening the load

In light of increasing emissions regulations and consumer demand, automotive OEMs are exploring ways to lower CO2 emission and reduce fuel consumption.


Min-aluminum is helping automotive manufacturers respond using intelligent material light weighting in areas including body-in-white, heat exchangers, equipments and other sheets.


The lightness and strength-weight ratio of aluminum make it the material of choice for light weighting in automotive applications. This can translate into less fuel consumption and fewer emissions over the duration of a vehicle’s lifetime.

  Experience an innovation in automotive aluminum

At Min-aluminum, we have a long history working with automotive customers. Having gained substantial knowledge and expertise, we offer our automotive customers a host of benefits:


We comply with ISO9001 standard and ISO14001 standard (International Standards Organization) to   help both to shape specifications and recommendations.

Large portfolio of high-quality products, such as aluminum extrusions, tubes, bars and sheets in a wide range of automotive alloys, using processes and engineering expertise that are second to none

Investments in production capabilities, better satisfying requirements and future developments in the aluminum car body market. Min-aluminum has made significant investments in surface inspection, chemical conversion and in the upgrading of its equipment

Close partnership approach that enables automotive, bus and truck engineers to derive the full benefits of using aluminum and other lightweight materials in vehicle design