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Min-aluminum’s fully recyclable aluminum packaging applications present unparalleled economic and environmental advantages.


  Protective aluminum packaging

Even in its thinnest form, aluminum’s unique barrier, strength and physical properties offer excellent protection against the effects of oxygen, light, moisture, micro-organisms and unwanted odors.  As a 100% and infinitely recyclable material, aluminum can reduce the environmental impact compared to competing materials.


We harness the unique qualities of aluminum to deliver innovative, price-competitive and sustainable solutions for food and beverage, foil and closure packaging applications.

  Lightest metal packaging, reduced impacts

Aluminum packaging makes efficient use of resources during transportation due to its inherent lightweight and resilience, consequently reducing its transportation environmental impacts i.e. a knock-on benefit of reducing freight loads and fuel costs.

  Driving innovation in the packaging industry

We constantly adapt and optimize specific products, drawing on our dedicated R&D capabilities and quality-assuring approaches. We seek to support our customers in the search for process optimization, anticipating their needs as they evolve in line with market trends and their business strategies.

  Min-aluminum’s Technology Center

Our state-of-the-art Technology Center has capabilities for packaging including:

Min-aluminum has extensive expertise in packaging processes which are already used for beverage cans and which can be extended to food cans. Through this technology, customers can better meet main targets such as weight reduction, lower manufacturing cost and accelerated processes.

  Food safety

At Min-aluminum, we comply with international food safety regulations, both closely following the latest research and helping to shape recommendations and conclusions in the field, then adjusting our internal research agenda accordingly.