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7000 Series Aluminum Sheet

 7000 series aluminum sheet specification

Alloy:7050     Temper: T73511,  T73510,  T7451,  T73651,  T651
Alloy:7075      Temper: O,  T6,  T651,  T73,  T35X
Alloy:7178       Temper: O,  T6,  T651,  T76,  T7651
Alloy:7475      Temper: T61,  T651,  T761,  T7651

Thickness: 0.5-6.5mm

Width: 800-2300mm

Length: Up to 11000mm

Package: Wooden pallet

Delivery time: Within 30 days

MOQ:  5 tons per size


7000 series aluminium sheet tolerance

 7000 series aluminum sheet application

7000 aluminum sheet is widely used in aircraft,truck wheels, skiing pole,cooling fin,High speed of rotors,aluminium profiles

 7000 series aluminum sheet feature

1.High-hardness and good abrasion resistance
2.High thermal condactivity,can shorten the molding time
3.Good corrosion resistance

 7000 series aluminum sheet size available

0.016″ x48″x96″   0.016″ x48″x120″   0.016″ x48″x144″
0.063″ x48″x96″   0.063″ x48″x120″   0.063″ x48″x144″
0.071″ x48″x96″   0.071″ x48″x120″   0.071″ x48″x144″
0.125″ x48″x96″   0.125″ x48″x120″   0.125″ x48″x144″
0.249″ x48″x96″   0.249″ x48″x120″   0.249″ x48″x144″
0.160″ x48″x96″   0.160″ x48″x120″   0.160″ x48″x144″

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