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Aluminum Perforated Sheet

 Aluminum Perforated Sheet Specifications

1. Thickness: 0.1-25mm
3. Color: Any color we can do upon the requirement
4. Size: upon the provided drawing
5. Material:AA5754/AA3003/AA1100/ AA5005/AA5052 Alu. Alloy
6. Shape:Round Hole,Square hole,diamond etc,according to your requirement

 Some Patterns of Aluminum Perforated Sheet:

We have about 600 kinds of perforated molds, and we provide tailor-made service.














 Aluminum Perforated Sheet Characteristics:

1. Light weight,good rigidity and strength
2. Non-flammable,good fire restistance
3.Exellent UV resistance, excellent weather resistance of surface, superior resistance to acid and alkali.
Shelf life is 20 years without discoloration under normal outdoor environment.
4.Good formability, can be formed to plane, arc and complicated shape, such as sphere and tower.
5.Hard-to-stain,easy to clean and maintain
6.Wide range of color optional, excellent decoration effect
7. Easy to recycle, no pollution

  Aluminum Perforated Sheet Application

1). Building walls, hotel, ceiling beams, balcony, canopy.
2). Airport, station, stadium, exhibition center.
3). Business center, theaters, modern industrial plants.
4). Reception hall, high-rise buildings, shipping etc.
5). For the curtain wall, both outer-side and inner side/Ceiling
6). Underground/Airport/Bus station/Railway station etc

7). Office building/Shopping mall/Hotel/Restaurant/School/Hospital/ Meeting room etc
8). Handrail/Column/Lobby/Corridor etc

 About Aluminum Perforated Sheet

Aluminium Perforated sheet is widely used in the core of filter, medicine, filtering, breed, battery, mechanical protecting, making the crafts, the meshes for the high-grade sound box, decoration,the seats for children, small basket and baskets.