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Lighting Applications


  Seeing the light

Aluminum surfaces can be used to light environments as diverse as homes and offices, streets, industrial areas, and greenhouses.

They can also be used for artificial light redirection systems, guiding light into less illuminated spaces.

Min-aluminum sheet and coil products offer a wide variety of functional lighting and reflection applications that contribute to this market sector.

  A full range of reflective surfaces

Our range of aluminum semi-finished products includes combinations of alloys, tempers and surfaces, from high-luster and matte finishes to three-dimensional rolled structures.


Each product can be produced to achieve a complete range of aesthetic looks. Products are also optimized to offer customers the capacity to carry out further coil anodizing processes.

  Innovation in lighting

Drawing on our substantial R&D capabilities, we are also exploring new products that enable light direction.

Our expert teams are specifically looking at how three-dimensional surfaces can be used innovatively in this regard to open up possibilities in the architecture and lighting industries.