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Cosmetics Applications



Min-aluminum is developing elegant aluminum packaging solutions for the expanding international cosmetics market.

  Pretty aluminum packaging for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetic industry continues to grow, catering to new needs in existing markets and consumer trends in new market economies.

This growth is fueling demand for cosmetics packaging that is at once creative, lustrous and exclusive. At Min-aluminum, we have developed specific alloys with excellent properties that meet the demanding specifications of our customers and their consumers.

  Luxury aluminum containers & accessories

Coils and sheets with high surface qualities and finishing properties are critical to obtain elegant, high-grade aluminum containers and accessories required in the cosmetics industry.

Our rolling mill is renowned for producing the special, aluminum surfaces sought by the cosmetics industry, from high-luster to matte finishes. Our sheets and coils are also preferred for their excellent, uniform conversion properties for drawing purposes. They are developed to conform to very specific dimensional tolerances and integrate special aluminum surfaces.

  Innovation for deep drawing

We continually strive to develop and adapt our high-grade aluminum rolled semi-finished products to meet customer needs.

Deep drawing is the process by which sheet is transformed into a deep form such as a bottle cap. It represents a tremendous challenge when processing aluminum into high-grade cosmetics receptacles, such as metallic bottle lids for perfume.

Our plant has developed special alloys with excellent, uniform conversion properties that enable deep drawing, and which conform to very specific dimensional tolerances.