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Functional Surfaces

Functional Surface

The result of years of experience and expertise in the specificities of the sector, Min-aluminum products are widely used in functional surface applications.


◊  A growing market

Min-aluminum is a key supplier of energy-efficient and sustainable aluminum products with bright and functional surfaces. They are chosen for their aesthetic qualities along with their reflectivity, light absorption, resistance to corrosion and conductivity.

These products serve a variety of purposes and can be applied in increasingly different ways in diverse sectors. We are positioned in four main market segments: lighting, decorative, cosmetics, solar.


◊  Customized surfaces

Using different treatments and processes, Min-aluminum can produce all manner of surfaces, including:

  • bright surfaces – generally anodized for use in lighting,
  • coated surfaces
  • finished surfaces – matte, brushed, satin, etc.,
  • anodizing qualities or pre-anodized products


We can create functional surfaces that meet customer specifications for aesthetic and decorative appeal, reflectivity, protection, light absorption, corrosion resistance, and conductivity.