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Point Supported Curtain Wall

 Introduction Of Point Supported Curtain Wall

This type of curtain wall consists of glass panels, the point-supported units (spiders) and the supporting structures, which is further classified into the following categories:
● Steel Truss Type
● Glass Fin Type
● Tension Truss (with rods) Type
● Tension Truss (with cables) Type
● Self-balancing Cable Truss Type
● Single-layer Cable Net Type


 Main Features of Point Supported Curtain wall

1. Diversified forms of the Supporting structure, can meet the requirements of different architects and project owners for the structure and exterior facade of buildings.

2. Firm and graceful structure, and exquisite and practical components can integrate the metal structure with the permeability of glass to achieve harmony between interior and exterior spaces of the building.

3. The glass is connected to the spider by spherical hinge; it is perfect for accommodation of distortion.