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Aluminum Cladding Panel

 About Aluminum Cladding panels-Single Aluminum Panel

Single aluminum panel is one of the three main decorative materials.Its advantage of good processability, easy installation and rich colors that win popularity of consumers and designers.

Single aluminum panel is shaped from high quality aluminum alloys that usually include alloy 1100 in temper H24, alloy 3003 in temper H24 and alloy 5005 in temper H24.

Normally the panel’s thickness is 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mmm,3mm,4.0mm and so on

The shaped aluminum panel can reach 1600mm*4500mm

Sueface:PVDF guarantee single aluminum panel excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance

Aluminum perforated panels mainly consists of panel, reinforcing rib and corner. Panel and reinforcing rib strengthen single aluminum panel’s intensity and stiffness,the two assured its ability of wind resistance and panel flatness in long term use.

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