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EDM Machines


  • We have 5 low speed wire EDM from Sodick, plus 10 mid-speed and high speed wire EDM machines.
  • Depending on actual requirements on precision and complexity of the parts, we can select right process for you to save cost, but no compromise on quality.
  • When we decide to use wire EDM process on your parts, it means wire EDM process is the best suitable process.
  • Wire EDM process can shape some small features which can’t be accomplished by CNC milling centers.
  • As wire EDM machines can cut material in long distance, it is more cost effective than other processes in this case.
  • Wire EDM process is commonly used in mould/tooling/fixtures construction, some small but precision parts, sheet metal parts etc.
  • Press Machine:   5 set Sodick (JAPAN) , 2 set Ande (SWISS),  8 set YADA(TAIWAN)Sodick Precision: ±0.003 (Minimum),  AH Mirror Discharger,  Ra=0.18Other Precision:  ±0.005 (Minimum)

 Competitive advantages:

  • Adhere to specification, quick response, fast delivery;
  • Cost effective, quality guaranteed;
  • Wide ranges of wire EDM machines to choose from;
  • Comprehensive machining processes and knowledge of finishing, treatment requirements,
  • Experienced people for various machining processes;
  • With wire EDM machines, we can machine some parts more quickly than using CNC milling center, or even CNC milling centers can’t do the job;
  • PPAP for parts



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