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Aluminum Thermal Breaks



Min-aluminum’s dedicated plants specialize in producing and assembling thermal breaks for window and door.


  Energy-efficient aluminum windows and doors

Metal windows, doors and curtain wall framings often use a thermal separator between the inner and outer frames. The separator is assembled with extruded aluminum profiles, becoming what is commonly known as a thermal break.


The thermal break acts as an insulator and prevents energy loss from the heated inside of the building to the cold outside. Thermal breaks have become state of the art for green and energy efficient architecture, significantly reducing energy consumption in buildings.


We specialize in producing aluminum window and door profiles according to our customers’ specific designs and needs.


Drawing on decades of experience in extrusion, we produce thermal breaks that offer significant benefits to customers.


Min-aluminum thermal breaks are delivered with an impeccable surface quality – ready for any final surface treatment desired by the customer. With Min-aluminum’s thermal break solutions there are no limits for creativity in design and architecture.