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CNC Milling


Min-Aluminum’s CNC milling machines have vertical and horizontal capabilities, facilitating the development and production of a wide variety of complex precision-machined parts. The machines are outfitted with 4 and 5-axis rotary/indexing tables and dedicated fixtures on palletized tombstones, this results in a significant reduction in variation in production runs, improved quality, and reduced costs.

Our CNC mills allow us to turn any customer design, from the simplest to the most complex, into a tangible product. Whether you have a completed CAD drawing or just a loose sketch, Min-Aluminum will work with you to produce custom parts and components that meet your unique specifications. We offer design and engineering assistance to optimize your designs for better, more efficient, and more economical manufacturing. This also saves you time and money in the production process by limiting the need for redesigns and minimizing material waste.


CNC Machine:  2 set YONGJIN (TAIWAN),  4 set  FANUC  (JAPAN) , 2  set DMG (GEM)

Precision:   ±0.005 (Minimum),   Mirror Discharger



We work with a range of materials to meet our customers’ needs. We have the capabilities for CNC milling aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, advanced plastics, brass, copper and so on. Other specialty materials may be available as needed—please contact us with your material requirements.


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