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Wire EDM Machining

 Quick Detail:

  1. Materials option includes wild steel, tool steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, Zamak, stainless steel, Kovar etc;
  2. Wide range of machines option, including low speed wire EDM, mid-speed wire EDM and high speed wire EDM, will bring you most cost effective solution but still at high quality level;
  3. Surface finish can be anodized, passivated, electroplating or even powder coated and many more;
  4. Final dimensions and other requirements fully checked by our QA people before shipping, quality guaranteed;
  5. Roughness and geometric tolerances etc as per the prints or even better;
  6. We can support your prototypes development, please contact us;
  7. Flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, TIR to be 0.05mm or less.




  • We have 5 low speed wire EDM from Sodick, plus 10 mid-speed and high speed wire EDM machines.
  • Depending on actual requirements on precision and complexity of the parts, we can select right process for you to save cost, but no compromise on quality.
  • When we decide to use wire EDM process on your parts, it means wire EDM process is the best suitable process.
  • Wire EDM process can shape some small features which can’t be accomplished by CNC milling centers.
  • As wire EDM machines can cut material in long distance, it is more cost effective than other processes in this case.
  • Wire EDM process is commonly used in mould/tooling/fixtures construction, some small but precision parts, sheet metal parts etc.



  • Defense, auotmotive;
  • Telecommunication, consumer electronics;
  • Industrial equipments, medical device;
  • Aerospace, oil and gas;
  • Infrastructure and processing equipments, gear motors etc.



 Specifications :

1) Material Wild steel, tool steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, Kovar, sheet metal etc
2) Finishing and Treatment Shot blasted, anodized, electroplating, passivated, painted or powder coated, quench and temper, annealing etc
3) Equipments involved Wire EDM machines, Sodick
4) Processes involved Wire EDM cutting
5) Dimensional tolerance ±0.006mm or less
6) Geometric tolerance ±0.02mm or less
7) Roughness Ra 0.025 or less
8) Production capacity 1,000pcs per month
9) Quality inspection IQC, PQC, FQC
10) Lead time 14 days
11) Place of delivery Shenzhen, China


 Competitive advantages:

  • Adhere to specification, quick response, fast delivery;
  • Cost effective, quality guaranteed;
  • Wide ranges of wire EDM machines to choose from;
  • Comprehensive machining processes and knowledge of finishing, treatment requirements,
  • Experienced people for various machining processes;
  • With wire EDM machines, we can machine some parts more quickly than using CNC milling center, or even CNC milling centers can’t do the job;
  • PPAP for parts.


Stainless Steel Wire EDM Tooling For Defense , High Speed Wire Cutting EDM

Sodick CNC Wire Cut Machine With Annealing / Quench And Temper Finished

Low Speed Precision Wire EDM Machining For Mould / Tooling / Fixtures Construction

Mid - Speed Wire EDM Machining For Industrial Equipments , Medical Device 

Industrial Equipments Wire EDM Services with Wild Steel , Tool Steel 

Powder Coated Treatment CNC Wire EDM Services For Telecommunication 

High Speed Wire EDM Machining With Passivated , Electroplating Surface 

Electroplating Wire EDM Machining For Telecommunication , Consumer Electronics 

Precise Effective Anodized Wire EDM Machining With Copper / Brass / Zamak