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CNC Machining Parts For Military

 Quick Detail:

  1. Materials option includes wild steel, tool steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, Zamak, stainless steel, plastic, Kovar etc;
  2. Any machining process can be involved to produce your custom parts as needed like CNC turning, CNC milling, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, optical grinding, CNC boring, Wire EDM, drilling, tapping and honing etc;
  3. Surface finish can be anodized, passivated, electroplating, chromatization and many more;
  4. Final dimensions and other requirements fully checked by our QA people before shipping, quality guaranteed;
  5. Roughness and geometric tolerances etc as per the prints or even better.







 Specifications :

1) Material Wild steel, tool steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, bronze, Zamak, stainless steel, plastic, Kovar, sheet metal etc
2) Finishing and Treatment Shot blasted, anodized, electroplating, passivated, chromatization, painted or powder coated, quench and temper, annealing etc
3) Equipments involved CNC machining/milling center, CNC turning, CNC boring center, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, wire EDM, tapping machine etc
4) Processes involved CNC milling, drilling, tapping, boring, grinding, polishing, honing etc
5) Dimensional tolerance ±0.002mm or less
6) Geometric tolerance ±0.005mm or less
7) Roughness Ra 0.025 or less
8) Production capacity 10,000pcs per month
9) Quality inspection IQC, PQC, FQC
10) Lead time 30 days
11) Place of delivery Shenzhen, China



 Competitive advantages:


Aluminum Alloy Anodizing Military Machining For Defense Industry


Shot Blasted , Anodized Military Machining With Aluminum , Copper , Brass


Electroplating , Passivated Military Machining For Aerospace


Electroplating Surface Custom CNC Machining For Military Industry


Chromatization Surface Military Machining With Wild Steel , Tool Steel


High Precision Stainless Steel Military Machining With Anodized Surface


Defense / Military heavy Machining With Zamak , Plastic , Kovar


Aluminum Alloy Metal Milling Machine With Painted / Powder Coated Surface