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Automotive System Solutions


  Lightening up Body-In-White structures

Automotive BIW structures must perform to exacting standards and possess exceptional performance characteristics. Aluminum is the only material capable of delivering the exceptional weight savings required for automotive BIW structures.


Automotive manufacturers are increasingly producing either aluminum space frame solutions or hybrid aluminum BIW structures integrating other materials – we help customers optimize the benefits of this cost-effective solution.


Min-aluminum provides automotive manufacturers with more than just the already extensive advantages of light weighting. We also provide engineered solutions specific to their needs: products and modules for improved fuel economy, high performance of parts and material utilization, and reductions in tooling costs.

  Safety Components, achieving lighter and safer vehicles

Side-impact beams are designed to preserve the integrity of the passenger compartment on collision, and using aluminum for these parts provides significant weight reductions. Min-aluminum supplies aluminum side impact beams that meet with all structural requirements.


Automotive manufacturers install our other aluminum solutions such as front-end structures and lower path energy absorption systems to satisfy structural requirements and enhance crash performance.


A vehicles equipped with Min-aluminum’s other safety components also have the advantage of delivering additional weight savings, resulting in more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.


Min-aluminum has developed vast expertise in lightweight materials and superior process technologies. Our skilled and experienced engineers and designers develop all safety components according to customers’ specific needs.