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Research and Innovation


Min-aluminum’s Aerospace and transportation business unit collaborates with designers and manufacturers to drive innovation in these sectors, as well as in the defense industry.


  Joint development with our customers

Innovation is at the heart of Min-aluminum. To achieve our objective of providing customers with the best materials solutions, we first work to understand their needs and then furnish the alloys and technologies to meet them.

At our Technology Center, we develop new alloys and processes, and partner with customers both to address their challenges and tackle ground-breaking materials projects.

The R&D partnership process starts on customer sites, where our Customer Application Engineers work with customers to evaluate their present and future materials challenges. Where necessary, scientists and engineers from the Min-aluminum Technology Center can intervene to overcome customer challenges.

The Min-aluminum Technology Center is equipped to take new ideas through to the pre-production phase. To this end, it has facilities for intermediate-scale mechanical testing, detailed design, part manufacturing and micro-structural characterization.

  Our team at work for R&D excellence

Min-aluminum’s scientists and engineers are highly skilled and experienced in solving materials challenges. Their achievements include the pioneering  technology that is perfectly suited for optimizing aircraft production processes.

They include experts in friction stir welding, casting and all aspects relevant to the production of state-of-the art components from aluminum materials.

  Innovative aluminum product development

With our patents families, we are leaders in the development of aluminum solutions with high technological content.