Aircraft C919 is turned over to user successfully Manufacturers,Suppliers from China Min Aluminum Co., Ltd

Aircraft C919 is turned over to user successfully

The large passenger aircraft C919 is designed independently by China, it finished trial flying and get airworthiness certification recently. It has been handed over to user successfully.


The aircraft C919 is still based on metal materials. Its main structural materials include aluminum-lithium alloy accounted for 65% that is about 14 tons and the titanium accounted for about 8%. The aluminum alloy contain 7000 series alloy (Al-Zn-Mg-Cu), 6000 series alloy ( Al-Mg-Si ), 2000 series alloy ( Al-Cu) and aluminum-lithium alloy ( Al-Li ).


It is predicted that in the next 10 years, China will need more than 300 of a single aisle aircraft with 100-125 seat level and 210 level, the demand of single aisle aircraft with 150-175 seat level will reach 1000 each year.


In order to form the characteristics and competitive advantages of China’s large passenger aircraft, domestic high-performance aluminum alloy materials will be greatly developed.


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