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Aluminum Foil Application In Food Industry (3)

At home, people also prefer to store food in aluminum foil, especially cheese. Even in a fridge cheese easily absorbs foreign odors which can alter its taste. Foil solves this problem completely. It also worth noting that the best way to bake is to wrap the produce in aluminum foil first. If the foil used in the process has enough strength it can significantly protects the pans or trays. Strong enough foil can easily withstand the weight of the food you are baking.


In addition to its great shielding properties, another benefit of aluminum foil as a packaging material has to do with the savings that can be achieved in transporting goods. Thus when Kraft Foods replaced glass bottles with doy-packs from foil film, the amount of beverages they could transport in a single vehicle doubled because doy-packs weigh only 6.1% of the weight of the beverages themselves.

Medicines are another important product that aluminum foil is used to package. Once manufactured, medications must be protected from the elements over an extended period of time, often for years as exposure can alter their properties. Aluminum foil is used in the packaging of all types of medications such as pills, capsules, creams, lotions, liquid and powder medications. Aluminum foil offers 100% protection against light, moisture, oxygen and other gases as well as against microorganisms and bacteria.

Did you know that wine makers, who tend to be fairly conservative, are increasingly using aluminum stoppers in their bottles? The British started using aluminum stoppers in their whisky bottles as far back as 1926, but for a long time the wine industry didn’t buy into the idea. Later on, tests were carried out that found that in every 20th bottle the classical cork damages the wine bouquet. By contrast, an aluminum top cuts off the oxygen flow and is just as good at ‘ageing’ the wine as a traditional cork.



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