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Aluminum Foil Application In Food Industry (2)

Aluminum foil is non-toxic, so it does not damage the foods wrapped in it, but instead protects them. Aluminum foil is used in food containers, bins, bottle caps, soft packages for liquids or bulk food stuffs and many other types of containers.

Foil protects foods against sunlight exposure which can cause them to go bad. Foil does not melt from high temperature, nor does it lose its shape or impart any bad smell to the food wrapped in it. This means foil can be used for grilling food or even for cooking on an open fire.

For example, laminated foil with paper stuck on the inside is used for packaging tea and sweets. This kind of foil is three times as waterproof as standard foil even in hot climates: the paper absorbs moisture while the foil itself protects the contents against other negative elements.

Foil with water and grease proof paper on one side is used in the packaging of butter, cheese, ice cream and other dairy products.

Fruit juices and wines can be kept for extended periods of time at room temperature in containers made from paper, aluminum foil and polyethylene film. The paper creates a frame for the container, the aluminum foil provides protection and the polyethylene film seals the container.



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