Application and Demands of Military Aluminum Manufacturers,Suppliers from China Min Aluminum Co., Ltd

Application and Demands of Military Aluminum

Min-aluminum is serving a lot of military enterprises and military aviation industry that manufacture aircraft, helicopters, transport aircraft etc., we provide them aluminum alloy armor plate, a large number of pre stretched plates, forgings, profiles, bars and other high performance aluminum.


Min-aluminum has the world’s advanced equipments, such as 4300 mm mill, 12000 tons of stretching and straightening machine, the supporting roller hearth quenching furnace, aging furnace, precision sawing machine, polishing laminating machine and water leaching testing equipment. These equipments keep us to provide good quality products to our customers.


Annual production capacity of 50000 tons is the largest domestic production scale with advanced technology and equipment. We have the widest range of products, the most comprehensive strength of the aluminum alloy plate production line.


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