Aviation Aluminum Alloy Demands Are Increasing Manufacturers,Suppliers from China Min Aluminum Co., Ltd

Aviation Aluminum Alloy Demands Are Increasing

According to Chinese Aviation Industry Corp forecast that the volume of the domestic aircraft for transportation in 2025 will reach 3900ea, of which large aircraft will reach 2000ea. China will become the world’s second largest aviation market after the United States.


With the rapid development of China’s aircraft manufacturing, aviation aluminum market demands will be in vast expansion. At present in China, most of the aviation parts are needed to import from outside, the main reason is distrusting on local aluminum material quality. So improving the quality of aluminum materials will be a major target of aluminum industry this year, then try to realize full localization of aluminum manufacturing.


After many years of Min’s unremittingly efforts and pass through various technical difficulties, we started the large scale production of aluminum plates in alloy 7050 with high strength and high toughness at the end of December 2016. This aluminum alloy pre stretching plate is a high technology and high value-added products, this is a positive reflection of the rapid development of China’s space aluminum technology, and the gap between Europe and the United States are gradually reduced


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